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MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is the new hit new TCG based on cryptids and the paranormal from across North America. It includes ‘4th wall effects,’ meaning the game plays differently when played in different places. With over 100+ cryptids, everyone has a special card that they connect with!



MetaZoo: Cryptid Nation is committed to providing a fun gameplay experience, and a fulfilling collectability experience. Since the beginning, we have committed to sell MetaZoo products at market price, without our prices being affected by the secondary market. Our gameplay, including the 4th wall effects, are tailored to creating a unique and exhilarating gameplay experience that changes from game-to-game.

Key Features: 

  • Features over 100 cryptids and other paranormal phenomenon
  • 4th wall effects mean your game changes when played in different locations. (Being next to water means your water-based beasties will be more powerful, etc.)
  • Artifacts and spells help support your beasties in battle.
  • Fully-realized and blooming competitive scene


MetaZoo was founded in 2020 at the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. After years of planning and trial and error, Michael Waddell finally decided to create the world that has become known as MetaZoo.

Since its official launch in March 2021, MetaZoo has absolutely exploded onto the TCG scene.

We can't put product out fast enough, and when we do it sells out almost instantly. It's become less of a question of how to get people to love MetaZoo, and more a question of how we meet the demand that people have to fully immerse themselves into our world.


Date Launched: August 1st, 2020

Team Size: 15

HQ Location: 3565 E Post Rd, Ste 114 Las Vegas Nevada 89120

Fundraising Status: Fully funded on Kickstarter and looking into further rounds of funding in the future.


About the Founder

Michael Waddell


 Michael Waddell

With a master’s degree in science and a background in the banking industry, you wouldn’t expect Michael Waddell to have founded a TCG company, but you would be wrong. Michael has combined his love for statistics and probability with his passion for trading cards to create the newest sensation to hit the card game scene.


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Marketing Assets


For the latest Nightfall official product images, visit this Google Drive.

Cryptid Nation: First Edition

For First Edition Cryptid Nation official product images, visit this Google Drive.


Cryptid Nation Booster Box

Perfect for collectors and those who love the thrill of finding that one card they were searching for! Contains 36 booster packs!

Cryptid Nation Spell Book

For those who want the tools to start their MetaZoo experience. Contains 10 booster packs, 60 card sleeves, token kit, special metal coin, holographic promo card, and a Cryptid Nation map showing what cryptids are in your backyard!

Cryptid Nation Blister Pack

Add to your MetaZoo collection with blister packs! Each containing one booster pack and a metal coin!

Tribal Theme Deck Cases

Want to get battling right away? For the most competitive of us, five unique tribal theme deck cases are available with pre-made decks. Learn to play and get a headstart on the competition!

Cryptid Nation Release Box

Celebrate MetaZoo's release with a release box! Containing all new cards, each box has 1 of 5 preconstructed decks (randomly seeded,) three booster packs, one sealed promo card, and a rulebook!