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Practice Exams


Are you interested in becoming an Apprentice MetaZoologist? If so, taking an official Apprentice MetaZoologist Practice Exam is a great way to practice your knowledge!


The official Apprentice MetaZoologist Practice Exams are listed in the links below. Each exam has been utilized as a previous Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam. Each practice exam follows the exact question and scoring format as current exams. All questions used in each practice exam are not used in current exams. 

You will immediately receive your score with correct answers after completing a practice exam. Feel free to retake any exam as many times as you wish. You are also free to discuss exam questions openly. We strongly recommend you time yourself for 35 minutes while taking each exam.

While the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam requires all participants to be 18 years old, anyone of any age may take these practice exams.

The passing score for an official Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam is 80%, or 16 questions correct out of 20.


Apprentice MetaZoologist Practice Exam Links:

Apprentice MetaZoologist Practice Exam 1

Apprentice MetaZoologist Practice Exam 2

Apprentice MetaZoologist Practice Exam 3