Meet the cryptids


Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is perhaps the most famous of all the cryptids. Bigfoot is an ape like cryptid that roams the forests of North America, leaving enormous footprints in it's path. It was once only captured on blurry photos, until the Veil was broken.


Lurking in the dark shadows of Point Pleasant, WV, Mothman is a part-man part-moth beastie with wings ten-foot long and eyes as large and red as bicycle reflectors. Since the Veil was broken, this beastie is never far from the infamous Indred Cold.

Piasa Bird

The Piasa Bird, also known as the Piasa Dragon, is an ancient birdlike monster with the face of a man, horns like an elk, enormous talons, and a taste for human flesh. This terrifying beastie was first depicted in limestone murals by Native Americans along the Mississippi River. It was once locked away in it's limestone prison, but now that the Veil is broken, keep an eye out for this fearsome beastie!