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Thank you to the artists at for the use of their free icons in many of our cards! 

Please Note: use of these icons does not constitute ownership. A full list of artist attributions can be found here:

Full list here:


Stars Terra - Sparkles Icon by Delapouite

Roll a Die Icon - Perspective Dice 6 Faces 6 Icon by Delapouite

Poisoned Effect - Deathcab Icon by Lorc

Snowing Terra - Snowing Icon by Lorc

Winter Terra - Ice Spear Icon by Lorc

Suburban Terra - House Icon by Delaouite

Swamp Terra - Swamp Icon by Delapouite

Dawn Terra - Sunrise Icon by Delapouite

Fog Terra - Fog Icon by Delapouite

Raining Terra - Heavy Rain Icon by Lorc

River Terra - River Icon by Delapouite

Cactus Terra - Cactus Icon by Delapouite

Ground Terra - Path Tile Icon by Delapouite

Island Terra - Island Icon by Delapouite

Ocean Terra - Ammonite Fossil Icon by Lorc

Lake Terra - Oasis Icon by Delapouite

Daytime Terra - Sun Icon by Lorc

Dusk Terra - Sunset Icon by Delapouite

City Terra - Modern City Icon by Delapouite

Farm Terra - Barn Icon by Delapouite

Dumping more. Only missing a few now

Lightning Aura - Electric Icon by sbed

Cosmic Aura - Vortex Icon by Lorc

Forest Aura - Pine Tree Icon by Lorc

Frost Aura - Snowflake 1 Icon by Lord

Light Aura - Shiny Entrance Icon by Lorc

Burrow Trait - Needle Drill Icon by Lorc

Convert Trait - Rolling Energy Icon by Lorc

Destroyer Trait - Executioner Hood Icon by Delapouite

Defender? - Defensive Wall Icon by HeavenlyDog

Fear Trait - Gluttonous Smile Icon by Lorc

First Strike Trait - Blade Drag Icon by Lorc

Fleet Trait - Wingfoot Icon by Lorc

Flying Trait - Fluffy Wing Icon by Lorc

Magiproof? Trait - Rosa Shield Icon by Lorc

Infect Trait - Parmecia Icon by Lorc

Invisibility Trait - Sight Disabled Icon by Skoll

Regen Trait - Health Normal Icon by sbed

Stoneskin Trait - Rock Golem Icon by Delapouite

Trap Trait - Wolf Trap Icon by Lorc

Unblockable Trait - Slashed Shield Icon by Lorc

Poison? Trait - Potion of Madness Icon by starseeker


We would also like to thank and credit the artists at for the use of many of their free icons as a basis for some of the icons used in MetaZoo Games as well!