Become a MetaZoologist



Do you love playing MetaZoo? Are you interested in impacting your local community or MetaZoo’s Organized Play? If so, then consider becoming a MetaZoologist!


Sign-up for the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam by clicking here!


What is a MetaZoologist?

MetaZoologists are the judges of the MetaZoo TCG, maintaining broad expertise of the game’s rules and tournament policies while ensuring games are fair. You can spot MetaZoologists anywhere you can locate MetaZoo Organized Play events. Arbitrating Sanctioned matches, aiding with rulings, and sustaining a positive playing environment are the core responsibilities of every MetaZoologist.

MetaZoologists are core to driving MetaZoo’s Organized Play, especially at the local level. Every Sanctioned Event must have at least one MetaZoologist present to verify the event has taken place. Together with Organizers on the MetaZoo PlayNetwork, MetaZoologists ensure a safe and fun in-person experience.

Why Should I Become a MetaZoologist?

There are a variety of motivations to become a MetaZoologist. For some, becoming a MetaZoologist is a way to support their local community. For others, some want to prove their understanding of the MetaZoo TCG so that they can better help others learn. However, one thing is common among all MetaZoologists: a burning passion for the game and MetaZoo community!

Besides having the honor of judging local MetaZoo events, some MetaZoologists may be invited to support tournaments at the national or global level. MetaZoologists may receive incentives or exclusive gifts at these major events. MetaZoologists may also receive privileges like exclusive medals. 


Are There Different Levels of MetaZoologists?

MetaZoologists come from many backgrounds. However, each MetaZoologist belongs to one of three levels:

  1. Apprentice MetaZoologists - The pride of MetaZoo’s organized play, Apprentice MetaZoologists are the first level MetaZoologist. You can find Apprentice MetaZoologists at almost all events, from being the Head MetaZoologist at a local game store night or being a Floor Judge at a major event.
  2. Master MetaZoologists - These MetaZoologists are experienced judges who have shown a considerable comprehension of the rules and event procedures. You can typically find Master MetaZoologists as having higher seniority at all levels of events, such as being Assistant or Head MetaZoologists.
  3. Grandmaster MetaZoologists - A title given to those with prowess in all levels of the MetaZoo TCG. These MetaZoologists are usually reserved the title of Head MetaZoologists for events, and may help facilitate or revise key documentations and rulings.

While there is a hierarchy of MetaZoologists, all MetaZoologist levels may act as Head MetaZoologists, Assistant MetaZoologists, or Floor MetaZoologists, depending on an event’s officiating officers.

Note: As of March 21st, 2022, the only eligible level applicants may test for is the Apprentice MetaZoologist level.

How do I Become a MetaZoologist?

All potential MetaZoologists must take and pass the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam. You cannot qualify for the Master or Grandmaster MetaZoologist titles until you have become an Apprentice MetaZoologist. 

Besides passing the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam, all MetaZoologists must be at least 18 years old. MetaZoologists should have excellent character, steady confidence, and the resolve to handle tough situations. If you like engaging with people, then becoming a MetaZoologist may be perfect for you!

What is the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam?

The Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam is a 20 Question, 35 minute auto-proctored test that checks for your understanding of basic rules and tournament policy procedures. The exam is open note; we strongly encourage participants to use all personal notes and public resources available to them. However, working with others while taking the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam is cheating and will permanently bar offenders from becoming MetaZoologists. You need at least an 80% (16/20) to pass the exam.

Apprentice MetaZoologist Exams are constantly administered on an on demand basis. Before taking an official Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam, it is recommended (but not required) to take at least one official practice exam. Please click here for access to all official Apprentice MetaZoologist Practice Exams.

You can sign-up for the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam by clicking here! Once you have signed up, an Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam will be emailed to you within 5 business days. You have 72 hours after receiving an email with your Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam to complete it. Once you have begun the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam, you must complete your exam within 35 minutes. Exam results and scores are usually delivered within 5 business days. Screen sharing may also be requested while testing.

If you pass the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam, you will be emailed mentioning your acceptance as an official MetaZoologist. If you do not pass the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam, you may retake the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exam 48 hours after receiving the results of your initial submission. 

Regardless of your test result, you will receive an email with your MetaZoologist Exam score and the right or wrong questions for each test question. We highly encourage exam participants to review their questions and ask for help when needed.

Note: Please check your Spam folder when checking for the Apprentice MetaZoologist Exams and exam feedback.

How can I Study to Become an Apprentice MetaZoologist?

There are several key resources that are imperative for aspiring Apprentice MetaZoologists, which you can find under our Gameplay page:

  • The Official MetaZoo Rulebook: Your manual for learning the intricacies of MetaZoo’s gameplay.
  • The Official MetaZoo Tournament Policy: Your reference for everything related to organized play.
  • The Rules Index: A compendium of commonly asked questions with verified rulings. This document also contains a complete list of errata that functionally alter Page effects.
  • Official Apprentice MetaZoologist Practice Exams: These tests replicate the format and type of questions you will see within ongoing examinations.

It is advised to study these resources in-depth before taking a practice exam or official exam.

Besides book-studying, there are several key features that successful MetaZoologists all share. First, most MetaZoologists have extensive gameplay experience. It is not uncommon for MetaZoologists to have been competitive MetaZoo players or to have dozens of games already under their belt. Second, MetaZoologists frequently ask ruling questions. It is not enough to memorize rule structures and terminology: judging is an activity that demands critical thinking and inspection. Those who question their knowledge tend to be strong MetaZoologists. Third, many successful MetaZoologists memorize the effects of many Pages [cards]. While Page memorization is not mandatory to become an Apprentice MetaZoologist, understanding how a Page functions on sight allows MetaZoologists to edict quicker rulings and allow for better comprehension of game states. Overall, if you are playing quality games of MetaZoo, are asking ruling questions you are unsure about, and have a good grasp of the commonly played MetaZoo Pages [cards], your chances of becoming an Apprentice MetaZoologist increase significantly. 

Lastly, the Official MetaZoo Discord has an active community that can assist you with questions you have. MetaZoologists answer questions daily on discussion boards such as #gameplay-discussion, so please consider joining the forum!

How do I Ask Other Questions about the MetaZoologist Program?

The MetaZoo Games Organized Play department is always available to answer questions you may have. 

You can ask questions regarding the MetaZoologist Program by emailing