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Letters to the Community #2: The Bones

MetaZoo Games is a card game. What does that mean? Last week we covered a very important topic - our growing and expanding IP. A strong IP is the lifeblood of any brand, regardless of which product verticals it has. A strong IP allows for a legacy to exist that can span generations. Cards come and go. They get lost in storage, accidentally thrown out, traded, sold, locked away in private collections. Cards can only tell so much of the MetaZoo story in their bottom right blurb of lore. 

However, our MetaZoo cards are a vehicle for something just as important as the lore and the larger IP: a reason for MetaZoo fans to come together. MetaZoo Games is a card game, so it must be played. If the IP is the lifeblood of MetaZoo, the competitive scene is the bones.

 Over the past two years, we’ve done this in a limited fashion at various conventions and in a larger, more spectacular fashion at the Caster’s Cup in 2022, where we awarded $250,000 in cash prizes to our Casters! Following the Caster’s Cup last May, there’s been a bit of a lull as we found out ways to launch our competitive circuit, the Towers. The Towers mark the start of the largest prize pool in TCG competitive circuit history. Each Tower will have over $125,000 in prize money, culminating in the Caster’s Cup 2023 with a grand prize of over $1.25 million in cash!

Well, we figured it out and this weekend marks the inaugural launch of our Tower circuit with the Water Tower at the Frogman Fest in Ohio! There are roughly 150 Casters coming to the cryptid convention, and from there we will crown the Water Tower Caster, the best Water Caster in the world! You can watch this event unfold in all of its glorious fanfare here this weekend, on our twitch channel:

This is just the beginning though. As we head into April, the Native core set release party will take the form of a black-tie gala event in NYC. During the weekend following the gala, the Earth Tower will be held in a currently undisclosed location in NYC. The gala will be open to all Casters participating in the Earth Tower, so be sure to sign up today! 

Each month following this, we will have another Tower until the Caster’s Cup 2023 is held at New York Comic Con. The full schedule can be found below:

Those Tower Auras missing from this year will take place in 2024, and the competitive circuit will follow this format each year! 

This nicely covers the physical Towers, but what about the Moving Tower? Originally, we wanted this to be a physical Tower that followed Collect-A-Con to its various locations, but we came up with an even better idea. Starting with War, our core set releasing in the summer of 2023, we will have code cards that can be redeemed in an Online MetaZoo TCG Client. It is on this online client that the Moving Tower will be held. This will allow for Casters worldwide to participate in a Tower event and potentially be crowned as one of the best Casters in the world. 

That’s it for this week, and I hope this got you excited for the competitive scene for MetaZoo Games! If you want to participate, please create an account and find events to play at on the MetaZoo Play Network so that you may qualify for a Tower event! 

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